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Swiss National Park

Trip to Alp la Schera

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Trip at a Glance
  2. Maps and Diagramms
  3. Picture Gallery

The Trip at a Glance:

Route: Punt la Drossa (P4) - Alp la Schera - Il Fuorn (P6)
Category: Regular trail, some steep sections
Distance: 6 km (4 miles)
Elevation: Minimum: 1710 m (5610 feet) / Maximum: 2111 m (6925 feet) / Difference: 401 m (1315 feet)
Duration: 2½ hours (stops not included)
Highlight: View into Italy, sight of a golden eagle

(Note: Click on the images for an enlargment.)

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Maps and Diagramms:


Overview of the trails to Alp la Schera

There are three trails to Alp la Schera: One starting at parking lot P4 / bus stop "Punt la Drossa" next to the entrance to the tunnel to Livigno, Italy, one starting at parking lot P5 or P6 / bus stop "Il Fuorn" near the hotel Il Fuorn and one starting at parking lot P9 / bus stop "Buffalora". If you use the bus, any combination of these trails make up a nice trip without the need of going back the same way.
From Alp la Schera, you might want to climb up to Munt la Schera (elevation 2586 meter or 8484 feet above sea) to enjoy a great panorama.
Note: We strongly discourage to walk on the Pas dal Fuorn road, it is a small road with a lot of traffic and there is no room for pedestrians !

Detailed Map:

Detailed map with trail to Alp la Schera

This track was recorded with a GPS and shows the actual trip to Alp la Schera starting at Punt la Drossa and ending at Il Fuorn (find more information about GPS systems here).

Elevation profile:

Elevation profile of the trail to Alp Schera

This profile was recorded with a GPS and shows the measured elevation of the trail shown above (find more information about GPS systems here).

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Picture Gallery:

The main valley seen through the forest from the trail to Alp la Schera with the Pass dal Fuorn road in the center Alp la Schera - a small hut in the middle of an alpine meadow Alp la Schera - Lake Livigno in the foreground, a mountain range in the background
The main valley with the Pass dal Furon road toward Zernez Alp la Schera - a small hut (not open to the public) and a rest area, the perfect spot to watch marmots and for lunch View from Alp la Schera into Italy with Lago di Livigno (lake Livigno)
A golden eagle high in the air Alp la Schera - a mountain range with snow patches A rocky mountain slide area
A golden eagle high above Alp la Schera A remote valley high in the Alps, carved by an ancient glacier The trail down to the valley crosses a large rock slide area - watch your step !
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