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Holidays in Switzerland

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Beside a number of national public holidays, there are also religious and local holidays. The table below lists all national, some religious and a few local holidays of the largest towns.

Date Name Remark
German English
January 1 Neujahrstag New Year's Day -
January 2 Berchtoldstag Berchtold's Day -
End of February Morgenstraich - Basel: Traditional carneval
Varying* Karfreitag Good Friday Jesus' day of death
Varying* Ostern Easter Jesus' resurrection
Varying* Ostermontag Easter Monday -
3rd Monday in April Sechseläuten - Zürich: Very traditional celebration to drive away winter time by burning a symbolic snow man dummy
May 1 Tag der Arbeit Labor Day -
Varying* Auffahrt Ascension Day Jesus' ascension
Varying* Pfingstsonntag Whitsunday -
Varying* Pfingstmontag Whitmonday -
April Fronleichnam Corpus Christi Day Celebrated only in cantons with mainly catholic citizens
August 1 Nationalfeiertag National Holiday August 1, 1291 has been declared as Switzerland's birthday
2nd weekend in September Knabenschiessen - Zürich: Traditional shooting contest for 13 to 17 years old boys - and since 1995 also for girls
November 1 Allerheiligen All Saints' Day Celebrated only in cantons with mainly catholic citizens
November Zibelimärit - Bern: Traditional market fair
December 25 Weihnachten Christmas -
December 26 Stephanstag Stephan's Day -
December 31 Silvester New Year's Eve -

Varying*: The dates for Easter and Whitsuntide depend on the phases of the moon. The council in 325 defined that Easter shall be the first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring. Carl Friedrich Gauss found a formula to calculate the date of Easter (Easter formula).

There is a quite comprehensive list of holidays at Holidays Europe.

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