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Guarda is a small village located high above the lower part of the valley Engadin (or "Engiadina" in Romansh) in the canton Graubünden at an elevation of 1650 meters above sea level (5413 feet). Once an almost deserted place due to its remote location, it has been revived after most houses have been renovated and sold at attractive prices. Today, Guarda is an attractive place for people seeking quietness and room for outdoor activities. In addition, the village is situated close to the Swiss national park.

Location of Guarda

Guarda has inspired Alois Carigiet and Selina Chönz for their story of "Schellen-Ursli" and part of the remake of the famous "Heidi film" was taken in Guarda.

A few pictures of Guarda (click on the images for an enlargement):

The village of Guarda seen from a distance
The village of Guarda seen from a distance


A narrow road passes through the heart of Guarda Houses in different colours along the road The roads are covered with paving-stones
A big house A house decorated with traditional paintings and writings Some people also use flowers to decorate their houses
A house with traditional paintings and a small balcony A house with a bay-window A colourful house decorated with paintings and flowers
Window with wooden shutters, decorated with flowers Window with wooden shutters, decorated with flowers
To preserve warmth during the cold winters, the walls are solid and very thick and the windows rather small A carefully crafted wooden door Windows are often decorated with handcrafted art
Guarda: Narrow roads, beautifully renovated houses that preserved traditional paintings, lovingly decorated doors and windows.

See for more information about the region and for specific information about Guarda.

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